Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a new job, Do I have to pay any fees or sign any contracts?

No, Job seekers will not pay any fees or be asked to sign any contracts. All you need to do is to send us a form provided to help us become more familiar with the type of job you desire to have.

How can CES find me a new position?

Our professional relationship with many business owners and managers in the cosmetology field enable our organization to stand out. CES operates as a catalyst to ensure you interview with the right people.

Why CES needs my application?

Your application will tell us about the position you are looking for, desired salary and the preferred work location. Once we have those information from you, our staff will do the work for you to find the desired position.

How soon you can find me a job?

It depends on your experience, training and the type of work you are interested in. Our focus is to find you a desired job as soon as possible.

Who pays my salary?

It is our goal to find you a position you are looking for. Once hired, the employer or the salon will be responsible to compensate you.

What if I don’t find the salon desirable?

Please contact us and we will locate another salon/business that will be more compatible with your expectations.

I like to rent a suite or work as a contract employee, can you help?

Yes, CES works with Salon Suites and other cosmetology related businesses interested in finding qualifies professionals.

Does CES keep a portion of what I make?

No, CES services are free for all job seekers. CES charges our clients (salons) a service fee.